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This groundbreaking movie was the first independent film to receive the top four Oscar® nominations, including Best Picture for Producer David Weisman and Best Director for Hector Babenco. Adapted for the screen by Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Leonard Schrader from Manuel Puig's acclaimed novel set in a non-specific Latin American country, Kiss of the Spider Woman is about about sex, politics, and love of movies - under an oppressive right-wing regime.

The timeless story, more relevant today than ever, follows the complex relationship between two radically different men with opposing views of life - the drama builds with powerful emotional crescendo as gradually they come together in a stunningly transcendental conclusion. William Hurt delivers his Oscar®-winning performance in this captivating tribute to the power of film and fantasy as escape from inhumane conditions.

running time: 119 minutes                                       contact:


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