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American Film, 1985
Dreams in Technicolor, by Judy Stone

Boston Globe / Boston Herald, November 9, 2001
by Michael Blowen & Stephen Schaefer

Pagina12, September 28, 2003
Bésame Mucho, by Alan Pauls

Caras, June-July 2001
US Theatrical Re-release, Brazilian Press

Estado, June 4, 2001
US Theatrical Re-release, Brazilian Press

Gazeta Mercantil, June 24, 2001
US Theatrical Re-release, Brazilian Press

O Globo , June 13, 2001
US Theatrical Re-release, Brazilian Press

Chicago Sun-Times, September 27, 2001
'Spider Woman' as Entrancing as Ever, by Roger Ebert

Chicago Tribune, September 22, 2001
"'Spider Woman' Still Powerful," by Michael Wilmington

David Weisman (left), Hector Babenco (right), 1982
in Los Angeles during project development

Behind the Scenes (In the Reagan White House), 1987
excerpted from the Michael Deaver memoirs

El Nuevo Herald, June 29, 2001

O Estado de São Paulo, June 2001
Return of the Spider Woman, by Marcelo Bernardes

L'Express, May 10, 1985
L'inconnu Le Plus Célèbre

Le Figaro, May 14, 1985
La Planète Homme

LA Weekly, July 13-19, 2001
FX Feeny's Revival Pick

Human Rights Watch, June 14, 2001
Gala Fundraiser, Lincoln Center

IFC-Rant Magazine, July 2001
Theatrical Re-Release

Millimeter, December 1985
Producer Profile - David Weisman, by Jeffery A. Trachtenberg

The New York Museum of Modern Art, June 28, 2001
June Catalogue, Retrospective Screening

Newsday Sunday, June 24, 2001
Along Came a Spider, by John Anderson

Newsweek Magazine, April 7, 1986
A Proud Day for the Bozos, by Jack Kroll

The New York Times, June 29, 2001
'Spider Woman' Back, by Dave Kehr

The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 13-15, 2001
Groundbreaking 'Spider Woman' is Back, by Steven Rea and Desmond Ryan

The Oregonian, August 24, 2001

Classic Posters

David Weisman, Sonia Braga, Manuel Puig, 1985
Los Angeles Premiere Party

LA Reader, 1985
Something a Little Strange, by Samir Hachem

San Francisco Examiner, July 27, 2001
'Spider's' Web of Deceit, by Jeffery M. Anderson

San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 25, 2001
by Alec Nevala-Lee

San Francisco Castro, Summer 2001

San Francisco Chronicle, July 27, 2001
'Spider' Works Its Magic, by Bob Graham

Seattle Times, July 27, 2001
Hot Ticket

The Seattle Weekly, July 26, 2001
Beautiful Dreamer, by Sheila Benson

Elle, 1985
Sonia Braga, by James Delson

The Advocate, July 2001
Sonia Braga Interview

The Los AngelesTimes, June 23, 2001
Sonia Braga Interview

Time Out Magazine, January 2, 1986
Method in His Madness, by Chris Peachment

Time Out New York, June 21-28, 2001
Braga Rights, The Hot Seat (back page column)

Variety, 2001
Sundance announcement for Strand/ICRA re-release

Cannes Poster, 1985

Le Baiser de la Femme Araignée

French Poster

American Film Cover, July/August 1986

Hector Babenco, Le franc-tireur, by Jean-Paul Chaillet

The Hollywood Reporter, March 24, 1986
Oscar Nominees, Best Picture of 1985

Un Favori Nommé William Hurt, by Jean-Paul Chaillet

La Femme Volcan a Réchauffé le Festival, by Monique Pantel

Film Quarterly, Spring 1986

Kiss of the Spider Woman the Musical
Playbill Cover

Der Kuss Der Spinnenfrau (Play), Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam
Program Cover

Le Matin, May 14, 1985
William Hurt, L'etre Anonyme

Libération, May 14, 1985
La Femme - Araignee Se Paye Une Toile, By Louis Skorecki

Newsweek, April 7, 1986
A Proud Day for the Bozos, By Jack Kroll

The New York Times, December 29, 1985
The Year's Best Film

The New York Times, August 5, 1985
'Spider Woman' Author a Film Buff, By Samuel G. Freedman

The New York Times, February 26, 1984
American Stars Team Up On a Brazilian Movie, By Dan Yakir

The New York Times
Three New Films: From Vision to Reality/'Spider Woman': A Labor of Love, By Helen Dudar

Playboy, September, 1985
Movies, By Bruce Williamson

US magazine, March 24, 1986
Oscar Fever (Cover)